Trust Us to Catch a Fugitive

Trust Us to Catch a Fugitive

Learn about our fugitive recovery services in Nampa & Caldwell, ID

Did an individual you bailed out skip town? Don't get stuck with a bill for the full bail amount- talk to the fugitive recovery specialists at EZE Bail Bonds in Nampa and Caldwell, ID. We've helped everyone from bail bondsmen to family members locate their loved ones quickly and safely.

Our fugitive recovery experts have years of experience and are equipped to assist with cases throughout the Pacific Northwest. You can trust us to find the fugitive and protect your pocketbook.

Call us at 208-967-6000 now to speak with a member of our fugitive recovery team.

Our fugitive recovery specialists have your back

If you're on the hook for someone else's bail, don't stress. People can run, but they can't hide from the team at EZE Bail Bonds. We have an incredible track record of successful surveillance and fugitive recovery in Nampa and Caldwell, ID and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Why else should you choose us? We don't charge a fortune for service. Our rates are simple- we charge $50 per agent with a minimum of two agents for three hours or 10% of the bond (whichever is higher).

No matter what the case might be, you can rely on us to bring the fugitive to justice ASAP. Contact EZE Bail Bonds today for more information about our fugitive recovery and surveillance services.